Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control

If you are currently experiencing a pest problem, you probably have questions about safety, our approach and more. Should you not see the answer to your specific question, we encourage you to contact us and speak with one of our team members.



Where Do Bedbugs Come From?

Bedbugs can be acquired by travelling to a friend or family’s house, or hotels. It is human transferred so spreading it is a problem as it can be done easily.

Can Bedbugs Be Controlled?

Yes, with the proper treatment and following our recommendations, it can be controlled.

What Can Kill The Eggs?

Some people think that cold can kill eggs but it does not. Only heat can kill the eggs. That’s why it is recommended to use steam heat or thermal heat for treatment. For clothes, bed linens, or other stuff that can’t be steamed or heated, a hot dryer can be used as well.

What about Our Mattress?

During the inspection, our technician will be able to help you decide whether your mattress can be saved.

In some cases, you have to throw it out or buy a mattress protector if you want the mattress saved after the treatment.



How Do I Get Mice?

Mice are everywhere, especially during the winter when they are seeking shelter from the cold. They can chew through almost anything to gain access to warmth, water and food from your home or business. We recommend properly disposing your trash, as having your trash out attracts mice.

Is It Important to Identify and Seal the Entry Points?

Yes, once the entry points are identified and sealed, it is easier for us to control the mice inside the house.

Are Bait Stations Safe for Kids and Pets?

Yes, the bait stations are tamper-proof and only a key can open it.

Are Mice Droppings Dangerous?

Yes, in most cases we do not recommend anyone without proper training and equipment to do it. It is recommended to hire a professional to clean the droppings.

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